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A shortcut you may not already know about....


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I just want to share a cool shortcut that I found on accident today.

I use Internet Explorer 7 which has tabbed browsing.  I also use Mozilla Firefox which also has tabbed browsing.  I personally can't live without it now.  Even though I still have multiple browsers open most of the time I have a BUNCH of tabs within each and I float around many pages at once.  Some of you reading this THINK they know where this is headed... but you're WRONG jack!  You most likely think I'm about to tell you about the [ALT]+[TAB] shortcut, well I'm not... but I might as well explain that while I'm on the subject. 

1st, The Quick Application Switching Shortcut...

Better known as The QASS, just kidding that not a real accronymn, hahaha  :evil6: - Please note that this is NOT what this articles is about, so keep reading after this because you may just learn something.  But as I said before, since I have mentioned this I figure I should explain it for people who don't know what this shortcut is.

    [*]Quick Application Switching... Type 1

    The first type is the main type and is used almost all of the time when you're talking about application switching.  To perform this action do the following...

      [*]hold [ALT]

      [*]hit [TAB]


A nice little time saver

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i dunno...but i know that u and dlewis23 have some really cool guides for mac users...care to share?? :smitten:

edit: oops...forgot where i was...was lost...but now i'm found...was blind but now i see :)

  Have a drink, it helps, at least thats what I'm doin right now.  I'll get that one up soon, just have a bit more to prove before directing someone into the depths of disparity from my cause.
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