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Hey guys..im planning on buying a new pc to replace my very old one that im using now..this is how im planning on getting it,and ofcourse I will put it together myself..just curious to hear if its ok..anything wrong..etc..basically any opinions on it..now here are the parts

ATX Computer Cases

Qty. Product Description Unit Price Savings Total Price

1 APEVIA (ASPIRE) X-Plorer ATXB8KLW-SS Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail


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$58.00   $58.00

CD/DVD Burners (RW Drives)

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looks good to me.. One thing that I would change the keyboard/mouse combo..  I believe bestbut or circuitcity had the Mx1000 laser mouse on sale for like $40.. and then get a nice keyboard..  What about a sound card??? 

My mouse/keyboard setup



Sound card?




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Haha your right..I actually forgot about the speakers lmaoo..and that should be like first priority with me and my music :-P

That mouse looks sweet btw...and would come very handy while playing some of my games

That sound card is pretty expensive..but I dont mind adding it on like a month or 2 after I get this :D

Thanks for those accessories that I was lacking..and that mouse :shock:

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take a look at dell of course.

for 712 you get a p4 dual core, 1 gig ram, 19 inch screen, dvd burner, 160 gig hdd.

graphics is onboard but it will take a pci express.

it includes a windows xp home and works 7.0 (which is enough to buy an upgrade instead of retail office)

add the grahics card you want to that and you still have money to buy their 3 year service plan. you can add nice speakers to it for good price.

do not upgrade ram on their offers, they are expensive  but you can add a gig of newegg ram.

and if you want a printer dell offers awesome deals. i am planning on buying new comp soon and i am getting a color laser network printer for 238 bucks with it.

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