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installing a cd burner

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hello to all.  I am in the process of attempting to install a cd-burner for a friend.  For some weird reason, the pc is not reading the cd burner at all.  The specs:  P3, 866 mhz, 384 MB RAM, Windows ME.

When checking the inside of the tower, it seems that the current cd-rom and hard drive have their own separate cables. 

I have even double checked the BIOS to make sure they were configured correctly.  I need to know what else is there left for me to do and also need verification as to what cables I will need to plug into the cd-burner.



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Also, if that doesn't work, try starting the computer up in safe mode (press F9 at startup I think) with the new CD burner unattached.  See if the former CD device (if any) is still installed.  If yes, then remove it.  If not, then shut down the computer.  Attach the CD drive as you normally would.  Perhaps then Windows will recognize it (this works for me with sound cards and the like).  

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