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my comp can it be upgraded?


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heres a link to info on my comp http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1239072&CatId=1344

I Got this in 2004 while I was working a walmart, and back then I didn't now as much as I know now about computers It said nvidia and I was like wow 200 dollars later it was mine thanks to the employ discount, anyways back on topic my question is do you guys  think it's worth upgrading.

cuz I already added more ram got a new 80G primary and a 250G secondary hardrives.

my question is do you guys think the processor is upgradeable or would be batter to just get and new comp.

my  processor is amd sempron 3000+.

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Processors / AMD Sempron ]

    Processor Properties:

      Manufacturer                                      AMD

      Version                                          AMD Sempron

      External Clock                                    166 MHz

      Maximum Clock                                    3200 MHz

      Current Clock                                    2000 MHz

      Type                                              Central Processor

      Voltage                                          1.5 V

      Status                                            Enabled

      Upgrade                                          ZIF

      Socket Designation                                Socket A

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Its really your choice, But pre fab computers usually arent very good to upgrade because the cooling and all that stuff is designed for what is in the system and to make it run best.

If you did plan on upgrading I.E Video Card or Processer, You would have to see if the case has proper ventilation. I have one of the older dells and the air flow SUCKS so my cards run pretty hot.

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afrokenshin because it is a socket A, there really isnt much better you can put in it. Your probally better off buying a new computer or building one.

pretty much.. If you are looking for more raw power.. you could look into an athlon XP processor.. but it is going to cost you a pretty penny..

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