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ALEXA toolbar a spyware???????????????????

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hai guys

        is alexa toolbar a spyware?

        yesterday i tried to download one file from MEGAUPLOAD and it showed "all the tickets assigned to your country are under use Please try again later "

          Below this i saw something saying that download and install Alexa toolbar and download your file instantly, Tempted by this statement i downloaded that toolbar(around 400 kb) and installed and now i tried downloadind with MEGAUPLOAD and i was given  a ticket to download that same file.

          later i ran a spyware scan and it showed alexa as a spyware and i have this question now "Is alexa toolbar a spyware?"

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In the past ALEXA would try to sneak in. It seems they are trying to go somewhat legit.

http://alexa.com/ You can get some traffric ratings from them, I dont consider them to be that bad anymore. They do monitor your habits though, and Roco is right they are spyware pioneers. ;)

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