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ok this one has been bothering me most of the day, i have a photoshop document and i need to resize it but when ever i go to resize it from 2000x2000 to 4000x4000 insted of keeping it in a 4:3 format it goes to a 16:9 wirescreen format and everything gets streached out. and i can not figure out why its doing this ive never had this happen before. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? i need to avoid having to recreate a whole new one since it took me 3 weeks to create this.

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out of curiosity what would cause a picture to be such a large file?

its really high res, and the DPI is 2400. normally its 72. 

the reason i had to resize it is becasue when i have it at full res. the file will be about 8gb  when its done and i don't have that much ram in my computer so keeping it at a size that is under my 4gb of ram makes working it not so slow.

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