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Page loading problems.

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Hello all. Recently I have been having issues loading webpages using Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (did test IE and Opera to see if there was a difference, there was none = ). I am on a local wireless system which pretty much works like this. I talk to a tower that talks to a DS3. Not a bad system. I get about 700-900kpbs up and down. And usually have a ping of about 45ms or so on most CS source servers. Recently though , I have had trouble loading JUST webpages. No difference in latency. Well, I checked my DNS settings to see if that caused it, nope. Tweaked the TCIP.SYS to allow more concurrent connections, nope. I have no idea what to do! If i load more than one webpage they both timeout!!

( I also did spyware and virus scans)

Tracert to www.google.com


Let me know if you need any more info!

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