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1 2 litre of Diet coke and 4 mento's


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Is this the first time you've seen that? I've seen the one where a TV news crew is interviewing a guy who explains how it works. Whole tube of Mentos in the 2 liter is pretty cool!

BTW, they use diet because it's easier to clean up. No sugar.  ;)

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Any carbonated beverage will work with the mentos.  The more carbonated, the better.

It happens because of tons of little dimples(like a golf ball, but much smaller), all along the outside of the mentos.  The dimples collect C02 and force it out of the soda very quickly, therefore, you get the soda flying out of the bottle.  The more mentos you use, the faster the CO2 will be force out.  I forget the exact term for it.  Anything with small enough depressions on it will do the same thing.  It actually has nothing to do with the chemical composition of the mentos.  ;)

Another fun thing to do...

Take some sulfur(from a chemistry set), and some aluminum foil.

Place sulfur in the aluminum foil, fold up the foil, and place in a pile of leaves...Wait a few minutes, and have something to put the fire out... :haha:

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