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How much RAM do you currently have in your computers/laptops?


How much RAM do you currently have in your computers/laptops?  

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  1. 1. How much RAM do you currently have in your computers/laptops?

    • 2GB or more
    • 1 GB
    • 768MB
    • 512MB
    • 384MB
    • 256MB
    • 192MB
    • 128MB or less
    • Don't know

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256 is fine for word processing and powerpoints.  The internet is kinda slow when you try to multitask.  As long as i am only running 1 program at a time i'm usually ok.

i use 256 and it works just fine

all u have to do is power off all those system services things that windows loads by defult or get added there later

there are ways to tweek your comp to get the best of your ram

or theres always linux

wich does mirricles with even 192 mbs of ram and a 800 mhz proccesor

i play half life on it

but then again i once got it to run on 96 mbs of ram

not online but on a local server

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The new computer i'm build has an asus motherboard that supports up to 8gb of ram.  Although i dont think that any game or even Windows will utilixe the full 8.

Yeah, that is why I only put 2 Gigs in mine right when I bought it, I figured it would be all I would need for at least 4 years, and if I changed my mind later at least I could go up to 4. Never hurts to have room.  :D

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