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Windows Vista RC1


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  • 2 weeks later...

I installed it without a problem.  I have dual boot set up now with x64 XP, and Vista x64.

Had to re-enable my onboard nic, because my d-link nic card does not have drivers available.

Also, I had to disable something in my network configuration to connect to internet..Checksum offloading(ipv4 ?)) or something..I'm not in Vista at the moment, so I don't remember where it was..

So far, it runs sweet.  IE seems to load much, much faster in Vista.  The only problem I have at the moment, is my Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum has no drivers...Only for earlier builds of Vista..I have tried everything, including standing on my head while its installing to get it to work, but no luck.  I turned off the verification crap, as told to do so by Creative, but that did not work either...Seems they don't have drivers for the 5600 build just yet...  :angry5:

If anyone knows where I can find drivers for Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum for Vista x64 build 5600, you would make my day.  ;)

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Im testing it for the library and it works great!  Didn't even have to install drivers.  It's much more refined than Beta2.  Does vista use chipset drivers for general hardware instead of specific branded drivers like XP does?  It seems to be a lot like linux in that aspect, where you only need drivers for certain NIC's and video adapters.

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