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Okay Boyz, (and berries) Help a sister out.


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I need to come up with a new playlist for my Halloween show on my radio station.

For those of you that don't know, this will be the third annual SS Halloween show, and I used recommendations from two site's the first time, two other site's the second time, and this time it's testmy.net's turn.

Between the SS website and the testmy net website, I will play all Halloween appropriate songs requested. The only issue is that I need the time to get any music I may not already have. (Not very likely considering the holiday.... but a heads up is needed).

Put your song requests here and I will be DJing live from the evening (about 6pm) of the 30th through midnight on the 31st and into the early hours of Nov 1st. (Yeah - live the entire time, so I may get goofy LOL).

The only concession I will make is a cat nap here and there. Last year we hit our all time high of listeners and we had a great time with IM messaging and eerie movie and TV clips. I'll keep it live and keep it real, but the music is all about you!

Let's get those song recommendations moving! I'll start with:

the theme song from the movie "Scream": Nick Cave with Red Right Hand.

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black sabbath by black sabbath on the album black sabbath. (easy to remember, no?)

ooh yes  yes yes

oh frig where have all those years gone  :(

now I think David Cassidy is the bee's knees :lol:

Memo to myself , I must stop going to the golden oldie's concerts !

but Reso....  Kraftwerk and Trio ,rules  for me,

Water have a  great time, as I am sure you will,

P.S.off the record, :?  Bill Wyman's  -  (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rockstar just about sums up my life, and makes me smile ,

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I have no idea about haloween songs.. how about We wish you a merry christmas and it can be an early christmas song!  :shock:

No Christmas songs. :-P.  The others I will do. I also have Ballroom Blitz and Rocky Horror's entire soundtrack, Purple People Eater ...

More requests please!

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Got it - cued and ready for battle!

Okay, I won't correct your spelling again as I had originally planned.  :roll:

Because I know that if I did, you wouldn't play "The Torture Never Stops" by Frank Zappa for me.

Pretty please, water! Play it for me!

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I know I have the top 4 for sure. Working on the other two. Great Choices! Thanks Coknuck!

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Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Album - Ghostbusters: Original Soundtrack Album

Artist - Ray Parker Jr.

Song - Ghostbusters

Year - 1984

Note: If the song isn't ok as an attachment, remove it for me waterRTBH. (you know, with all of the copyright laws)

attachment removed, I have the song and I will play it!

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i don't think all party music has to be themed, or does it?

paint it black


satisfaction by the stones.

if themed is a requirement, then i have something from a costume ball themed band.

ymca by the village people

I can do that :)

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