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Thanks guys, I would right more now but i cant type right cuz im so damn nervous.

Congratulations on Your Weddig Day.

Two things my Mother told me on mine:

Don't say in anger anything you can't take back.

If you want to keep her tight hold her loose.

good words.


I just saw that on the calendar and was going to start a topic about it... GRATS MAN!!

Wow, so young... did you really?!?!

- D

im actually the oldets in my family to get married, everyone else gets married at eather 17 or 18.

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If you were not nervous, you would not be human. That is normal. You will not ever be the same again. You will be part of a couple now. When you get up, to when you go to bed, you will not be alone. When you are alone, you will not be alone. She will always be there.

It is normal to be nervous about change.

If you think you are nervous now, marriage is something you can back out of down to the last moment, try having a kid! Once the seed is planted, there is no backing out, and nothing can keep them from being your kid. At least a wife can go to the bathroom, feed herself, and not need your help so much. And at least you know what sex she will be.

A kid will totally make you much more nervous. And you get what you get, at least in a wife, you had the choice to see what you were getting first.

Anyway, it will go fine, just relax and breathe deep. Focus on the honeymoon. And remember to take pics, not just the wedding. You are not the first to get married.

Chill and enjoy, you won't ever see this day again. Ever!  :D

And remember, the wedding is for her.  ;)

The honeymoon is for you!  :twisted:

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