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Ok, I'm not sure what happened to my post from last night or one from the other day, CA3LE ? There seem to be posts going missing all over the place.

This is what I have done so far I have ovreclocked my rig from 550 MHz to 770 MHz. I am having no heat problems because I added the 2 antec fans from my new case i ordered for the Pimputer. And I have not had to up cpu core voltage yet. This thing is flying I will post some scores from PCmark 2002 so you can see what a difference it has made so far.

Oh I also tightened up my timings from 3,2,2,10 to 2,2,2,8 :D

PC mark 2002 scores

CPU at 550 MHz




CPU at 770 MHz




My BIOS only has one higher setting for my FSB, I will try it as soon as I'm sure that I am stable at 770 MHz.

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:) lorne

Mini PiMP,

I noticed something strange on the site for the past couple days,last nite the format for the forum looked totally different for a while then changed back...oh well!! Anyway your "stocker" is looking pretty hot~~~~be careful you may get to hear what chips sound like when they go POP POP POP.

but Im getting a kick from watching,keep at it.

8) Microwave

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Lorne and I have been investigating the possibilities for this chip... It turns out that this chip, PIII 550, was designed to be test to its max to find the limit before Intel changed manufacturing technologies!!! Just wait there is one more trick up Lorne's sleeve!!! You will be amazed at what the processor will do... The speed you see now is nothing! :twisted:

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Just a word from the unwise<<<< Don't Overclock your washing machine :!:

Mine blew up today almost literally. Thing started smoking then quit. Bottom line, I roasted the motor, and it is cheaper to buy a new one than fix my old one. :( Oh well at least my comp is still going strong.

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