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HughesNet Pro Plus Plan

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I just upgraded to the HN7000s modem because I wanted to get the pro plus plan, but when I got it I found out the satellite I was on (IA8) was not compatible with that plan. So, I got an installer to come to my house and re-point my dish to the Horizons satellite, because at this time only Horizons and IA6 are compatible with the pro plus plan. Ever since the installer pointed the dish to Horizons, my speeds are all over the place. My download goes between 82 and 335 kbps, and my upload is between 190 and 520 kbps. Has anyone else had any success with the Horizons satellite? Has anyone speeds fluctuated this much? Your responses will be much appreciated.

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My first question would be do they fluctuate quickly, or during the day at different times.

First answer would be you have a  real problem.

Second answer would be that is normal. Except being that low on the D/L "download goes between 82 and 335 kbps" And that would be agreat U/L "my upload is between 190 and 520 kbps".

I think truckinslim was getting those kind of speeds a while back. Something like 500/500!

A lot of people would love your U/L on satelite.  ;)

Also welcome to the forum if I have not yet  rjventre  :wave:

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FIrst of all I do not see how an installer could cause your speeds to be all over the place. What type of signal strength do you have, hopefully steady. ( not fluctuating like your speeds)  :roll:

You might actually ask Dway tech support, does not sound right at all. I think the installer screwed up!  :-|

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My signal strength is steady at 69, every once in a while it drops to 68, but it pretty much just stays at 69. The installer I hired I know very well. He spent 6 hrs. trying to re-point my dish, of coarse 2 1/2 of those hours were spent on the phone talking to HughesNet. They had him go back and forth between IA6 and Horizons 8 times. They finally told him that they were having major problems with both satellites, but Horizons was still the better one to go on. I think that Horizons was the better choice also, simply because the speeds on IA6 were below 100 Kbps. So, at this point, I bassically have the option of staying where I am at and hoping they will fix the problems soon, or I can go back to IA8 where I will only be able to get the professional plan and I will have payed $200 for the new modem for nothing. If you or anyone else out there has any other suggestions, your continued responses will be much appreciated.

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I cleaned out the browser and I did the speed test you said, here are the results:

::.. Download Stats ..:::

Download Connection is:: 149 Kbps about 0.15 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB)

Download Speed is:: 18 kB/s

Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Server 1)

Test Time:: 2006/09/24 - 7:47pm

Bottom Line:: 3X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 56.89 sec

Tested from a 2992 kB file and took 164.718 seconds to complete

Download Diagnosis:: May need help : running at only 14.35 % of your hosts average (direcpc.com)

D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-4H0NWO7EF

User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; Media Center PC 4.0) [!]

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That is truly horrible. Now nothing personal, but as far as the friend doing the install. Especially as far as him being an installer.

When I was roofing if I could not find what was wrong with the work I had done (leaks ) I would have one of my guys look at it for me. Some strqange looks as I was one of the best(3 leaks in 20 years that could not be found).

Anyway a new set of eyes can sometimes find what you might have missed. Plus it is hard to find fault with what you yourself have done. (Really)

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I would actually try to use tech support first. Always, as you already pay them anyway.

Then if necessary I would state that if necessary I want another installer to double check the first one's work (again nothing personal).

You paid for it, and you want the damned thing to work, bottom line! See what they say! It can not hurt.

And if the friend  did something wrong, it should not be a biggie. And if he did not, well nothing wrong here either. Just don't let the friendship get in the way. Business is business.

A friend one time was not paying me for a truck he was buying, so I told him I was going to reposess it from him. He asked if I would do this to a friend? I simply asked him if he was actually going to not pay a friend and expect to do this to a friend. He found the money to pay me off. And we remained friends.[right is right]

Also when refering to the friend to a support tech, he was "the installer", not a friend. It will keep it non personal and less confuseing.

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rjventre have you tried to tweak or optimize your connection?  :D

Lets go back to basics. Clean out your computer. You never know?

Achieve the Best Performance Out of Your Computer


Try tweaking only after cleaning. A lot prefer the easier TCP Optimizer.

Just set it at 2000 on the dial and pretty much let the world turn, and reboot.


I actually use the  revs with premade settings. Use the attachment at the top of the pic in the first post. It works well for me.


Never know.  ;)

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I'm not on Horizons, but given that I know the performance is similar to that of IA6, I'd go back to IA8, if your speeds were ok there.

They are making headway getting IA6 fixed, but it's slow.  I went from dropping to 50 - 200 k down at night to maybe 150 - 500 k down at night.  I wouldn't expect those 1500 k downloads that the proPlus plans are capable of to be possible for at least 6 - 12 months.  That seems to be about how long it takes Hughes to get things straightened out, if they ever do.

While you might be out some money, if it was me I'd rather get decent speeds than sit around and wait for Hughes to get this corrected.  I know it will be a long wait.

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