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When I had cable, my speeds would vary greatly, so I would find the slowest average speed I had, and use settings for that speed.  I found that while gaming, if I used a receive window that was too large, when I lagged, I lagged hard...By trimming down the receive window, I cut the lag down.  If you have a stable connection, and your speeds don't vary, then it's not a problem.


I had 10/1 OOL Cable, but I would only get maybe 5MB at night..If I used settings for 10MB, I would lag like a mofo...But, if I used settings for 5MB, I would not lag as bad..I would lose a little in download speed overall, but the lag o meter was kept in check...

Now with FIOS, my speeds are stable, and if I lag, it has always been the server lagging, and not me(so far..)...So I use the max settings.

I'm not sure how stable your dsl speeds are...Check your speeds at different times during the day, and see if they are constant.  If your speeds drop off at differrent times of the day, you may want to use settings for a slightly slower speed than advertised(for gaming at least).

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