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tommie gorman

What is a fella to do?  

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  1. 1. What is a fella to do?

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OK, so most people have their dumb question thread going on, and here is mine for this week.  :tard:

I have been pondering whether to wear a red fruit of the loom pocket-T to work, or a blue fruit of the loom pocket-T to work.  :lol:

Any ideas, this has been bothering me for  the last 6 months or so, any ideas??  :?:

This is really a tough one! Thank you for your help.  :D

One thousand Test My Bucks For The Winner. Judged by water on the third friday of next week.  :twisted:

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Fuck it just wear a white one. :haha: :haha: :haha:

Hey, that would make my colors. Red white and blue.

I agree with coknuck.He must have read my mind.White is cooler anyway/If you want some color on it just let you kids paint it up for you .Then you can just say my kids made it for me I had to wear it. ;)

And that would work well also, my mother made me some very colorful shirts. The kids love them so much, that when I say I am going to wear one. They are there to fight over who gets to pick one out. "VERY" colorful.  :shock:

I have actually been wearing fruits for over 29 years. Wow, good jobs and sex should last so long.  :lol:

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