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Hello, I have noticed that when i do tweak my settings certain speed tests will be alot better but it doesnt help my download speeds still the same averageing around 400 to 700 mb/sec depending on where i go.  Also always theres a delay when i want to go to the website after i tweaked my settings using cablenut or TCPOptimizer but theres no delay when using the default windows settings, also i have read that Windows Vista will automatically adjust the TCP Recieve Window to what best suits your connection type, so in reality tweaking your settings with windows vista wont really matter but then i could be wrong.  has anybody else experienced the lag issue after tweaking.

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Windows vista is an entire different beast..  It has an brand new network stack..  so until we see something solid from MS and have a retail copy, not betas or Release canidates, it is going to be hard to really know what is going on with Vista.  Are you seeing the pause in FF?  if that is the case you might want to look at some of the hacks that you can do for FF and see if setting some of the properties in about:config would help..

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