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Stay with 4000 or upgrade to HN7000S ???? Please help!

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New member, but year-long lurker here and I'm needing quick advice..

I just decided to upgrade on the suggestion of both Hughes and my repairman, but after reading a couple posts on here am thinking of cancelling my upgrade order.  Here's my story...it's a long one, sorry!!!

I have been using a used DW4000 without a contract for about a year now..  Have had some transmitter trouble a couple times, once just recently and so I've just gotten a new (refurbished) transmitter arm last week.  Pretty confident that neither HughesNetUpper Level Tech Support nor the Satellite repair guy really knew exactly what the problem was, but am back up and running although with a consistently lower signal strength.  It also seems to pop in & out of connectivity out of nowhere, even when the weather's great.  I'm also worried a little about my ground cord as it looks to me like it's just a wire stuck into the ground....is that what it should look like???

Okay, so over the year my download speeds have been averaging in the mid 900's with highs around 1500.  Upload is of course much lower but normal from what I've seen on this board. 

I own my own little business as a Virtual Administrative Assistant and MUST have that consistant income to survive.  I'm currently working online within several websites where I must look up and input information.  I generally have at least 4 browser windows open and flip back/forth.  These websites are mostly public construction database websites and CRM sites such as Salesforce.com.  Will upgrading to the HN7000S (which advertises better upload speeds) help with my speed in working within these types of websites?  ...or is download speed all I need be concerned about??  Which system has less downtime or is there such a system? 

I'm only able to work part-time right now, so I need to be able to count on being connected and getting a decent speed whenever I am able to work.  I sure don't want to lose clients due to a crappy internet connection....

Thanks in advance for your advice. 


p.s.  Did use the pc optimizer (doctor something??) awhile back.  Is that something that you need to rerun at certain intervals?

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ghostmaster:  I called Hughes net with my problem with my transmiter and they also told me that I needed to upgrade to the 7000S. That would fix my problem. I told them that I was going to WB and they put me on another transponder and it made it worse. Now my transmiter don't work. I had them give me a Dialup number till I get it fixed so they did. The Dialup worked only one day. Then I called them again and they gave me another one. It worked for another day then quit again. That was just a screen. I was in the works in getting DSL it finally got in my area. But if they wouldn't been messing with me I would of stayed with them.

Someone posted earlier that they are trying to put all the DWay 4000 on one Transponder that could be right . Because they moved me.

Now I am very happy with DSL. I am glad it came to the area.

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Sometime in 2007 Hughes will have the Ka band offer for sale.....as I understand 8x faster! Now that would be a real upgrade.

After raising quite a storm I now do get advertised speeds consistently.  :icon_thumright:

Now that might keep me around for another 15 months.  :icon_thumright:

SO are you saying like 6.0 ??  :shock: :shock:  :?: You got my attention!

So post up fikester, have not seen one of yours in a while.

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This is interesting.

"Hughes is working on the assumption that it can gradually move its current customer base off the conventional Ku-band satellites and onto Spaceway 3, thus removing these hefty transponder-lease payments from its balance sheet as the contracts expire.

Well if I read it right, everybody is about to take it in the  :booty:

"To switch from the current system to Spaceway 3, all Hughes customers will need new equipment that is operable with Ka-band signals."

I am just not sure whether it uses the 500/50 that I was given for an advertised speed, or one of the 7000 speeds. "Spaceway 3 will offer customers data throughput speeds up to eight times as fast as today

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Providing the Ka band system ends up working....sounds at least like it would be a noticeable upgrade? The other day at my friends house used a DSL connection 1Mb/200k  with pings between 50-90ms web browsing alone is not even close to my 1Mb/200k connection with pings between 675-1900ms. So to me 12Mb down sounds great but also would hope the pings are going to improved as well. Who knows  Spaceway could easily be delayed another year as it has in the past already.

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I was guessing the one hop system would improve pings?

Spaceway satellites are the first in the world to be designed for broadband data communications and have the ability to switch and route traffic on board, enabling single-hop communications between any two satellite terminals, eliminating the need for the traffic to be routed through a central hub Earth station
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