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Hi all,This is going to be a bit of a rant about the AVG Forum.This is a reason people dislike other forums & love testmy.Me included.

However since I was & really will again have a problem with the AVG update.I decided to see if their forum could help.If you read the links in my post espesially the thread I started I sure the AVG mods conclusion that it is my cleaning method is wrong.

This is the link to my thread there:


I registered as thorny1.Below is one of the mod rdsok's replies to me.

"No one else is reporting a re-occuring issue with updates like you are... this means it IS something unique with your system that is causing the corruption."

So after his conclusion it was probably my cleaning method.I posted in 2 other threads there that I thought were simular to my update problem.Only once in each asking them to read my post & let me know if they thout their update problem was approxamatly the same.btw thw forum doesn't have PM so this was the only way I had.

rdsok removed the post from each thread with this post to me.

"Please quit posting in every thread that has update issues... as we've already told you there can be many possible reasons that a user has this issue and just because it appears similar to yours doesn't mean the cause is the same... this is why we keep the threads seperated instead of trying to use one thread for a common issue... the causes are normally different for each."

No wonder he says "No one else is reporting a re-occuring issue with updates like you are" because if anyone tries to compare issues this mod removes the post.

Here are links to the threads I thought had approxamately the same update problem.



So what do y'all think?

I would change AV but I like AVG & this is my main problem with it.I tried Avast & it seemed to slow my OS down.I have tried several online scans at various sites including Kaspersky & none of these found a virus so this means that AVG is doing a good job as far as I'm concerned if I could just get the update to work better.

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Ryan314 ;First thanks for taking the time to read the thread or threads in the links.

I think I irritated this mod because I didn't let the other mod that posts this below in most threads A chance to do it .Since I read some other threads at the AVG site to see if I could find a solution before posting.Then I read the sticky & gave them the information they wanted before they could help.

"You didn't provide us with all the information that we need to help you. Read PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - AVG Forum How to Ask for Help, provide all of the information mentioned in that post so that we may help you properly. Thank you."

Next I told him the solution he suggested didn't help.I had seen it in other threads where it didn't help either.Thats what got him started I think.

I guess what really got to me was when I tried to ask the people that started the other 2 threads in the links I posted if their problem was simular to mine.He removed those posts.Siting this as the reason:

"but we do keep the threads as clean as we can from extra stuff that isn't directly linked yet... it just makes it much easier for the user that we are trying to help if they don't get possibly unrelated info posted in their thread. So we leave stuff that is directly related to helping.. but remove others that aren't or aren't proven related."

Or we don't want you to prove others are having the same problem so we are not going to let you contact them to compare problems.Then we can post this:

"No one else is reporting a re-occuring issue with updates like you are... this means it IS something unique with your system that is causing the corruption."

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Ditto, ghostmaster - dude needs a woman....

cholla - have you always had this problem with AVG?

same comments from me , but not a woman, but a smack around the head,

I  just think he couldn't say "I duno "  personaly I duno lots of things about computers , but that is the first step to learning , and a reason to be on TMN.

Win M.E. is my favorite os. I was on 95, before that, I nearly dumped Xp, and went back , I never had your problem on ME, but that was a  while back, but I should be getting a Puter with ME in soon to sort out, ( remove Norton) it will be a save Doc's etc, and a reload , including AVG , so maybe I will be able to comment more on this problem then, as clearly others with ME are having the same problem on the AVG forum     

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cholla - have you always had this problem with AVG?

dn0 ;I have had the problem the last 5 or 6 builds.It does the regular daily VDB update fine.

I looked around the AVG site & forum enough I think I found what the problem is.I just will have to wait for the next build to test it.The AVG mod thought it was what he called my extreme file cleaning methoe.I have only been doing that the last 2 builds so I don't think it is the problem.

What I found was that the problem should be with my _RESTORE folder.This is part of the "System Restore" in Windows ME.I disabled "System Restore" & will leave it that way.But I noticed some files were still being put in the _RESTORE folder so I deleted it but it would return on reboot.So I created a file with the same name since this wasn't a path no more files were put in it & it stayed zero bytes.The folder didn't recreate since there was a file with the same name.I think that AVG may use the _RESTORE folder on the build update & if it's not there it corrupts it.So I will see if I'm correct about this next build.

Also for those with a similar problem that have XP .Someone posted that they found the problem for them was in anonymous logon.

Just out of curiosity, why are you still using Windows Me?

ghostmaster;I started with 9X & I like some things DOS will do.Since ME is the last 9X I use it.Also I think it works better on my older computer.When I get a newer computer I will probably go with XP.One reason is drivers for ME can be harder to find.

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