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Perscription Weight Loss Pills?


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hey philp why is ur post count at 2, i know u hade more posts than that.

I deleted my account but then reactivated it. CA3LE is going to restore the count when he gets a chance. It doesn't bother me and I won't bug him about it. He's got a lot more important things to worry about, I'm sure.  ;)

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You have to have a height limit  :haha:

for dinner...the size of both fists...breakfast and lunch...one fist...1 snack in between each...snacks...half a fist

eat slowly...taste and enjoy each bite like it's ur last...savor it...watch the clock...at 20 mins u will feel full...if there is still food on ur plate...throw it away...

eat healthy...and exercise...and follow the above...believe me it works...

no i've never been over weight but i've helped people that were...

my rule of thumb...for myself...eat real...that means real butter...organic foods when possible...i stay away from stuff that says fat free, fat reduced, low carb, low calorie, calorie reduced etc...cuz they are bumping the flavor with something i don't need like sodium...(example...check the backs of regular peanut butter and fat free or fat reduced peanut butter...u'll see what i mean)...i do watch out for saturated fats and trans fats...those r really bad (my cholesterol levels r very good)...lots of fruits and veggies...and fish...just eat real...skip the fake altered stuff...in sensible quantities...and drink lots of water (natures appetite suppressant)

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Our food has changed more in the past 30 years by human design than it has in the past 5,000 years by natural means. So its no wonder why we have a hard time eating simple and fresh. Its probably easier to eat fresh and simple in an area where you have farm-land.

My wife visits Poland time to time and she always says they live off the land. Everything they get is organic, nothing has a hormone or any preservatives what-so-ever. The cows are skinny and the bread, milk only last a couple of days. Because its all REAL..  :shock:

So its no wonder America is the land of the large. We are all pumped up on hormones and preservatives, deep fried EVERYTHING and it just sits in our system and doesn't process easily.

They really need to come up with more Advertisement warning about health risks of eating deep fried foods, and junk. Anti-McDonalds Advertisements. Not trying to counter act the subject with weight loss pills and methods that just complicate the situation and the person's body for that matter.

Food for the Thought Process, VyraX..

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it's so good to see that so many of our members r against popping a pill to solve a situation...don't we have great members??

That's why we are all here. The people ARE so great.  :icon_thumleft:

I have lost over 45 pounds this year by simply watching what and how much I eat. I exercise a bit too (not as much as I should) but it was mostly the change in my eating habits. I haven't been to a buffet in a year or so and I stop eating when I get full. Want a snack? Don't grab a bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream, have some fruit instead. Of course, I never was real junk food eater anyway.  ;)

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it's so good to see that so many of our members r against popping a pill to solve a situation...don't we have great members??

Im not against it, mainly due to the fact that when people try to "solve a problem" with no help they usually fail. Most medications are safe if they are taken as directed. Anywho all a matter of opinion I guess. There are alot of people out there with big problems that could be solved easily but they refuse the help.
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Its also how fast you eat, a lot of people do not realize that it takes 15minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full. So for the people who can take down a FULL PIZZA in 15minutes, this might be a problem. Not even considering that they might be stretching their stomach out, which isn't good also. That is why you see a lot of people getting the stomach surgery where they cut the size down to the size of an egg.

Better off just taking your time, eat slow, and give yourself time to register your fullness. (15 Minutes)  :shock:

Or if you have a munching habit like I do, just eat a BAG OF APPLES..

-- VyraX :cool: --

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yep that's what i said before...i've been telling people this for like 30 years (that's when i was in the weight loss business)...but i'd always heard 20...so that's always one of the first things i tell people...at 20 min ur brain will tell u that ur full (if u listen)...eat slowly...and enjoy...watch the clock and at 20 min u will be full...throw away anything left on ur plate...

k...i'm gonna shuddup on this thread now...he hasn't even post in here in days...soooo...hmmmm... :haha: oh well...maybe he's busy

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But you have to admit you can pile much higher with a wider plate. If you are not sure, let me show you how to get at least 7-10 lbs. on a normal plate. And all meat to boot.  :lol:

As far as the tobacco I was hoping you were kidding cholla.

Actyually I lost 30 lbs in 30 days on a beer diet once. And felt pretty good about it.  :haha: :haha:

But I do doubt that is a proper diet.  :oops: 


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Heh reading this reminded me how easy it is to diet for some reason in my head im like NO DIET. but now that i think about it i would much rather eat a bag of apples than some pretzels or something  :haha:

and i decided to start slow by biking like 2 miles every day already did it for today rode my bike to the nearest blockbuster and back but i didnt go in i just went by then turned around

thanks for the advice everyone!!  :D

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tdawnaz;First on the power breath mine was learned from Karate & yoga so would naturally have greater control.They kind of work hand in hand.This control extends to other things without the practicer even being aware of this.Ergo more will power to do exercise & diet.I put that it could be done through the mouth realizing all beginners do not have the ability to do it through the nose.My air volume would be close to the same through either but I have done this for many years.Although I don't find it necessary & probably can't do it now because I haven't practiced it for a long while.I even learned to do alternate nostril breathing.Since a lot will not be familiar with this it is where you inhale through one nostril & exhale through the other.At first you use your fingers to learn the technique but then you can do it without you fingers.

btw your would work for the beginner & might put more oxygen in the blood.

I have read the Atkins books & believe he was on the right path.The AMA was always after him even taking him to the Supreme Court .They never managed to take his medical license.As for it going onto bankruptcy .I think that's a result of his heirs not managing the business correctly .As well as trying to sell to many goods instead of just the diet books.

I don't have time to look up the AMA articles but I don't think they have proof of their claims.

If you go with the AMA then how many million kids should be on Ritalin & don't forget they approved Thalidomide(that might be misspelled).

Even if the came up with people that had done the Atkins & went off of it or cheated from the start.That had developed type 2 diabetes.The majority of these would have been overweight already so prime candidates for type 2 diabetes anyway.See if you can find me any that stick to the Atkins diet that developed type 2 diabetes.Type 1 diabetes being almost always genetic.

I know some about diabetes having both kinds in my family.I don't have it though.

I don't even recommend Atkins for a permanent diet.In my case I got up to 205 lbs & decided that was too heavy so I used Atkins till I was 180.Now I range from 185 to 195 eating basically healthy with some simple carbs as well.If I ever let it get into the too heavy range again I will use Atkins without a doubt.

I had a few advantages when I was doing the Atkins being familiar with diabetes.I got the Ketostix as recommended by Atkins to monitor ketones which indicate your fat burning level.I also had access to a blood glucose monitor.My normal blood sugar is around 95 to 100 on Atkins it is around 70 to 75.So a definite drop when on this diet for me anyway.

It does allow a lot more carbs in the final or long term level .In this level you monitor the ketone level & try to stay in the barely fat burning level.That would be a very light purple on the Ketostix.

Like I said if a person wants to do the least cut out the simple carbs & do an exercise they can & will do even if thats slow walking increasing distances.

I understand the time to feel satiated is 24 minutes.

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FallowEarth ;If you think you have a problem with drinking then you probably do.It would be a good time to go on the wagon for a while.Just to make sure you can.If you can't then you definatly have a problem.

Ryan314;Kudos on starting the exercise program.Sounds like one you can stick with.

tommie;I guess I hadn't picked up on you having had a drinking problem in the past.But my congrats on anyone that has a drinking problem stopping.And another good luck in you effort to quit smoking.

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