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My little rant.


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I'm sorry for any foul language i use in this rant.

Well, this really pisses me off. Been on Cox's ass for almost a year (will be a year in 2 weeks) to get the Speeds right.... sure, my speedtests are great. and yet i start a download and it goes to shit there after.it was fine the last 3-4 days. then today i have a guy come out and bypass the 7(thats right 7) splitters that the other 9 guy some how looked over and it made it WORSE..... WTF? last 3-4 days been averaging 1.25 MBps download on any site with a router. i have been a cox customer for Several years, and this is how they repay me? they say oh bypass your router and see what happens, well i do that and guess what? it goes slower :angry5: the guy ended up putting 1 splitter in the cable box and it made my tv's mess up with the quality and the internet went to shit.

i'm starting to think that DSL (with the new breakthrough with it being to sustain speeds of FiOS) is a better option than Cox right now. i just don't think it's worth the Shit i have gone through. (unless they wanna give me 15/2 free for 6 months)

*steps off soap box*

Comments?  :haha:

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RF Parameters


  Freq/Power: 663.000 MHz  3 dBmV   

  Signal to Noise Ratio:  35 dB 

  Modulation: QAM256 



  Freq/Power: 25.000 MHz  46 dBmV 

  Channel Type: DOCSIS 1.x (TDMA) 

  Symbol Rate: 2560 kSym/sec 

  Modulation: QAM16

its an arris modem...  the down used to be 0 or -1 the up used to be 49

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Looks like the last guy made a slight improvement to your upstream, but all are within spec.  Next thing I look into is noise/interference coming from poor fittings/bad splitters/cabling, or even off the mainline.  Not exactly an easy thing to diagnose, but packet loss is a good indicator.  Are you seeing any packet loss?

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