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Prize for member 40K, you can win too!


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it will be around the 18th - 21st

c'mon huny...be specific...pick a day...mine is jan 16...don't pick a day that's already picked...pick ur nose...pick ur crack...but don't pick my day...

[nerd] actually all the other days will be wrong...so u can pick any of the other days...but mine is the right one...hahaha...and i already picked it...so it's mine...neener neener...get ur own...maybe urs will be right...and mine will be wrong...hahaha...doubt it 

:smitten: ...i'm still havin a happy new year...how 'bout u guys??...just got back from dinner with my daughter and her bf...red lobster...had a shrimpwreck mary...i'm happy...happy it's a new year...happy new year 


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Just some of the stuff I found interesting.  :grin2:

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I  think this one is rigged[ca3le-top topic starter] I read that he has a lot of pull with the management.

I do not believe this one either.[i read he a SPAMMER]  :haha: :haha:

yeh he's a spammer of the worst kind...and he's a major ass kisser with the site owner...  :2funny:  :2funny: damn that ca3le...

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