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Comcast taking over TimeWarner/Roadrunner

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It may also have to do with available fiber links. Sometimes they trade franchises in order to be able to service an area better. For instance, if a Time Warner town is surrounded by Comcast towns, you best forget about upgrading that town because it would require a new overbuild to get the new fiber to it. I'm sure a cooperation wouldn't happen. So the trade happens and the upgrade for both systems is cheaper. I have seen it happen alot.

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That's exactly right.  All part of the negotiations ongoing since the bankruptcy of Adelphia.  Comcast owned about a 25 percent share in Time Warner at the time of the Adelphia takeover, and used that to leverage some very profitable markets, trading some less profitable systems.  St. Paul is a Comcast market, and they've been salivating over Minneapolis for quite a while.  Thanks to this deal, Comcast now services the entire Twin Cities. 

Cheap to upgrade, yes...especially when the networks are so similar.

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