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G3C permanently hurt?


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Greets to the Rev and all. I should have joined here months ago.  :D

Seems G3C's performance has been severely impaired since it came back online yesterday evening.  Signal strength is down to 60-66 compared to the usual 72-78 I had been getting.  I'm wondering if the bird took a meteor hit or if the whole thing is/was an intentional disabling by the NOC to reconfigure the transponders for less performance/more bandwidth in order to cram a few thousand more customers on it?  Any views or comments on this?

DW-6000 CE into a 4 port Linksys hub | G3C 95 W | Win 2000 Pro SP-4 & Mandrake 9.0 stable

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Just for the record...

Weather: Clear and cold | Signal: 68 | Browsing: Poor response to requests. Some pages taking 2 or 3 trys to load. | Proxy: Off

:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 559 Kbps about 0.6 Mbps (tested with 2992 KB)

Download Speed is:: 68 KB/s

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Bottom Line:: 10 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 15.06 second(s)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=HJEBS0KAI

:::.. Upload Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 33 Kbps about 0 Mbps (tested with 386 KB)

Upload Speed is:: 4 KB/s

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Bottom Line:: 1 times faster than 56K you can upload 1MB in 256 second(s)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=SDY89O14X

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Hey there XMechanic!

With regard to G3C, she is not hurt, just misconfigured as DWay continues to transfer new users (and some older ones) to the new bird Horizons 1.  There is also some trouble with a new server they just put online that (it appears) is directly affecting that one bird, but G4R is having brain farts lately too ...and of course I have to be shooting it, bu of course.  I tell ya, my luck is so danged rotten that if I bought a Turkey Farm they would outlaw Thanksgiving that same week!  LOL.....

Anyway, stick around.  You'll find you haven't had so much fun since the pigs ate your kid sister and left some for you!  :)  We'll get after your machine and do a bit of tweaking on you to get you up outta that hole they have you in.  I've already found you  in the DWay system and am tracking things for ya (hope ya don't mind) ....I don't take personal info, just speed data and numbers.  I am truly a Reverend so you may trust me implicitly, and even though I AM a Reverend, please just be yourself in this here Forum because I love everyone when they are acting exactly as God created them to be.  We are all flawed and going to hell anyway so what does it matter right?  heheh...  OMG!!!!  (On bended knee I wasn't 100% serious LORD, but you do make things tough on us)!  :)  I'll face the music someday (maybe), but I am unlike any Reverend you'll ever meet in your life, so please, enjoy the hell out of yourself and we'll love ya for it okay?

I'll be handy nearly all of the time so feel free to post and check out a few things that are already posted about  tweaking everything that you may have around you.  Chances are 100% that we can get your speed up to at least 80% of the advertised speed you were told when sales ripped you off.

Okay!  When you feel like it, and you know the web is running half decent (non-business hours)--- do a speed test using the 2992 file and then cut n paste that puppy in here again, and I'll take some notes, do a little math, and tell you what I think is your best bet at getting her back off the ground.  Since you have a 6000CE you are in good shape.  Mine is an AU AND AG ....so getting this to run any faster than 1350Mpbs is like pulling teeth, and this is supposed to be their fastest commercial account?  HA!  Looooong story, big bucks, ripoff scam bs rotten b@sT(7rds!!!!!


The Reverend

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LOL, thanks Rev for the heads up. I'll give you the short version of my current configuration. Windows 2000 Pro SP-4, no adware or spyware, Linksys LNE 100 TX network card, Linksys 4 port simple hub for the network, TCP Rec Win: 224360. Win Scaling: Yes, Time Stamping: No, Sel Acks: Yes, Path MTU: Yes, Black Hole Det.: No, Max Dupe Acks: 3, TTL: 64 MTU: 1460... Ran the LCCU program sometime back when I first got the sat and also did the recommended browser tweaks for  Firfefox which is my default browser.

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Had a real tough time getting on the site this morning although my e-mail actually works again.  Couldn't bring up the new  speed test site you posted earlier either. Just times out to a blank page after a while.  Signal strength still isn't quite up to par today at 68.  I haven't done any tweaking to the dish since install and it always hovers between 72 - 78 when the weather is clear.

I run a small computer biz here in the boonies of western NM and I had a one-way grey dish system before this that actually worked pretty well once I got the heat problems fixed on my PCI sat modem. (A big gnarly heat-sink superglued to the hottest chip on the board and 2 fans) .  So,  when the DW-6000 showed up touting the great speeds, etc. etc. I finally took the plunge since it looked like dsl here was still quite a way off.  Ironic that we got working dsl 5 weeks after I had the D-way ball and chain attached to my leg. Anyway, it worked pretty well for about the first month or so until the firmware 'upgrade' and then everything went to crap since then.  I had to reground the dish (namely the transmitter) properly since the installer never did and since we're 200 miles from the nearest installer, I decided with a little help from others and a trusty copy of the DW-6000 official installers PDF, I'd do it myself.  Anyway, the dish is now properly grounded.

If you have any other ideas/tweaks, I'm open to any and all suggestions.  Glad to be here!  :) 

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:D Okay there Mr. Xmechanic;

System is looking good yet you will want to turn on your Time Stamping because it is made for high latency issues such as DirecWay.  If you ran the LCCU Utility, then go back into your browser, navigate to the LAN Settings and put checks in both proxy boxes again, then click on ADVANCED button, make sure you have on Port 87  ...then down below put this via cut n paste in that box  ------------->    direcwaysupport;192.168.0.*  (and if you know the 192 # for your Linksys just add a semicolon to that end of that string followed by the Linksys 192 # ...and then when you enter the 192.168.?.? number into your browswer Address Field ....you'll be able to access your Linksys (same way with DLinks too)!  Then just 'okay' your way out, close the browser and reopen it (unless you would rather reboot to "seat" the new info into the Reg ...and you'll find yourself running around 200Kbps faster and have a smoother browser.

Now that that has been done, this morning I got lucky and stumbled across a glitch in the DW6000 in the form of a nice tweak which I have described in detail in another Post on this same page:  The name of the post is:  Fastest "over-limit" speeds recorded this morning and it will bring your speed and steadiness up by as much as 500%! (no shit)  heheh...So give that a whirl and enjoy you new puter!

Oh, you will notice that the Max ACKs will be placed back to 2, and the MTU will be set up for 1500 (which the provided utility will test for you to make sure no error is made.  Since you are a tech head you don't need me getting into the nitty gritty for sure.

I am sorry to report that even though Firefox is your primary, if you stick with it then you will be tossing off 200Kbps or more of speed, and actually opening yourself up for attack becuase the DW6000 was built "around" the IE browser and not intended for use with the Lightweight browsers.  You may be able to find a configuratoin that make it rather moot but so far I can even make FireFox comes remotely close to IE6 (SP2).  I am also running the unwrapped version of XP Smoker 4.0 so that isn't hurting matters a bit on my end.  It rocks...

For your TCP window there are actually two sizes to try, one will be far better than the other.  Either 256960 or 513920 AND you can go ahead and increase your receive buffer by 15.0KB (but not a bit more than that) ...then weld it after running the TCP Optimizer as per my newly found "wow" in the other post.

With these new setting and with the use of IE6 you won't have any probs bring that website up you mention not being able to access.  You are just misconfigured for DWay is all, no biggie.  15-20 mins max and you'll be welding it in place.  heheh...

Ummm.....I dunno what to say but you will have to completely uninstall the software version (firmware) because you don't need it, and it is also working against you.  I have posted ANOTHER post that describes how to CLEAN uninstall it in the pages of this site.  RIght now it is on Page FOUR and is called HOW TO PERFORM A DIRECWAY CLEAN UNINSTALL.  (the page numbers are hidden in the bottom left corners of the pagses.  Follow that puppy and you'll take some contention out of your system and free upa few resources too. 

You see, the DW6000 is fully self-hosting and simple doesn't need any software.  You will be the client no mattter what.  SInce you have a router please set yourself up the finest way by letting the modem just be a modem and have the router act as your DHCP Server for handing out the numbers (and you will also want to take advantage of the default firewall ....nothing special is needed, just the default is fine)!  That will make for a FINE RUNNING SYSTEM that hackers can't mess with.!  (The hardware firewall discourages them and they just go on to somebody  else with no defenses who is answering "pings" of course.

If you have a .98m dish you only need to ground the groundin block to a five foot copper rod with 10 gauge.  Otherwise, keep what ya got!

Don't worry about your signal as that has NOTHING to do with speed, but you'll find another post of mine in here somewhere that is named "How To Point Up Your Own Dish" that will allow you to get the most bang for the buck out of your sat for sure.  I touch mine up every month du to drifting.  (80 foot towers built on large muddy areas tend to move even though tethered to death!  lol...

SO!  Now that I have totall trashed your system please accept my  apologies, yet I speak the truth and you will be happy you make all the changes if your decide to!  :)

Please let me know how things turn out (every step will bring an improvement of course!

I am most always here except when I am not.  Post, IM, email  ....no matter to me man. 

Best of luck and have a good''un!!!!!!


The Reverend

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