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Insight internet problems, i need opinions


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I've been reading the board for quite some time now but for some reason I have never posted before; anyway, i'm in need of some help.

For the past month or so, our insight internet speeds have been fluctuating like crazy.  Our speeds are advertised at 4Mbps/384Kbps.  In the mornings we will see ~3.7Mbps/300Kbps. At night we'll see anywhere between 100Kbps - 1.5Mbps down (most of the time its usually about 400Kbps).  Upload usually doesn't change.  There is also huge latency spikes and upwards of 15% packet loss.

We have switched out cable modems, connected 5 different computers directly to the modem, and had a tech out here to measure the signal strength, etc.  The tech said it wasn't anything on our end and that it was probably something at the node,base station, whatever you call it.  I too agree that it is nothing on our end. 

I guess I just want everybody's opinion.  Insight has been practically ignoring me over the past few weeks.  I almost never get call backs and they always tell me to do the same things.  Is there anything I can do?  It is literally driving me crazy and if there was a better option I would cancel the insight service.

I would really appreciate any insight (hahaha) you guys had into my problem.



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Here is the deal with insight... They are the lamest attempt at an ISP on the face of the planet..  I am sorry if I am going to hurt anyone's feelings..  :angry5:

Here is my little story about Insuck aka Insight..

I am a college student and unfortunately i was blessed in the dorm with a 25000/1.7 connection and at home home I have Comcast which is at 6000/384.  When I moved into my apartment here on campus I was forced to get insight for TV so I also got their Internet package.  It was alright.. 4000/384 on an AT&T backbone running to Chicago.  I would constantly test at about 4200-4500 no problems.. 

However, since their upgrade to Level3 I have yet to be impressed.  I am constantly running at 3300-3700.  Instead of going to chicago i am now going to ATL.  Not to mention that their crappy service is plagued by incompetent people who decide to either cut their fiber bundle, turn off the routers, or just decide to not offer service for that day.  This summer was the worst performance from an ISP ever!  Even worse than dial-up AOL..  To top that the local numbers in the brand new telephone books are not correct..  Which means that contacting them to tell them how much their service sucks isnt even an option. 

To top that when I requested down-time compensation, the local network was at 1000+ ping before it got to the Level3 router.. they pretty much told me to screw myself and how it wasnt their problem.  I said fine and asked for the manager.  There I explained that if they decided not to offer compensation I would contact the FCC.. and explain my situation and extreme frustration with the service.  The following bill had a sheet for me to fill out to get my compensation.. which ended up to be $5 for about a week of slow/no service.

In the end.. I am waiting for someone to swallow Insight.  They are prime picking.. I have Comcast 3 streets up and Verizon in the next town over.. Not to mention that Verizon provides most of the telecom services for Purdue.  My suggestion it just to hang in there.. Trying to reason with these clowns is just about impossible and is a complete waste of time. 

I never contact the FCC but I wish I would have.  These upgrades have yet to do anything for the consumer.  My guess is that AT&T jacked the price for bandwidth up and so Insight moved to Level3 cause they were cheaper.. 

BTW welcome to the forum!  You have hit one of my nerves.. :)

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