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recording online streams...video that is


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Found some YouTube Recorders, but you need to run them on a Linux platform..

Well if you don't have a Linux box maybe this is the time to get one..  ;)


.. Also if you are in need of downloading specifically off of winDOZE' XP..  :haha:

Have another method if you TRUELY need to get videos from any source..


Just get SCREEN RECORDER GOLD.. It will let you capture a REGION or SECTION of the screen.. With this you can open your FireFox and goto the site with the Video playing and let the video preload in the player, pause it. Then when you select the region of the screen, which would be the video box on the webpage.. Just hit record.. It works, just have to have it perfectly around the video box.. If its off a little it gives you problems..

Use this to grab apple's videos off their website for movie trailers. Works well.

Hope this gives you more insight..

Regards, - - VyraX - -

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