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front side bus

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did a check on my FSB and its waaay too slow....according to a prog i used...

i was wondering whats the safest way to get into the BIOS to tick it up??

i know nothing about this and will not tinker with something im not comfortable with....and not w/o enuff info...


also i cant remember what thread something like this goes into ....so sry if its outta place...

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Guest kamil234

but if you really wanna try something, just download a program called nTune 5.0 from www.nvidia.com it has overclocking in it, and its less  risky than going to BIOS, i dont know if it does FSB tho...

whats your fsb and multiplier anyways?

and what kind of processor is it?

if you dont know how to check everything download cpu-z

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