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best actor, leonardo dicaprio.

what, i ask you, has the world come to. LDC is the best actor of the past year? where are charles bronson, sly stallone, nick nolte, clint eastwood et al when you need em?

some dork looking like a wet behind the ears college punk that get's his ass waxed every week stars in serious movies and get's lauded for it? and it's not just LDC. so many decent flicks got borked by casting some guy that looks like he's never further than 3 paces from a hairdresser with a fully equipped mobile salon. none of these guys have hair on their chest, they probably pack an epilady cordless in their man-purses.

the current crop of hollywood upstarts must have been donoring for the chinese women's swim team, they are so devoid of testosterone. where are the gruff, beer guzzling and cigar smoking idols of our youth, i ask you. replaced by some fashion conscious clown whose high point is the ability to show true sensitivity? if i see one more of these punks in a role that should have been cast with a male actor, i am going to hurl!

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