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ok somewhere i goofed and when i load up my puter...it says windows cant find explorer.exe

i was tweaking the registry...(yes i did a backup b4 i messed with it)  but tried to restore it and no luck...

so i present myself to the mercy of the 4um..lol


there are a few things you can do, the easiest is going to be to run the windows repair and let windows fix it self and restore the registry to a normal working level.

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i cant get that far...

my wallpaper will load up then it says

explorer.exe unable to locate component..

"this application has failed to start because Normaliz.dll was not found.Reinstalling this app may fix the problem"

tried the XP disk and the repair option...no dice...

tried again rolling back...same thing,.,..

so i cant even get far enough in the boot up...good thing i have a backup puter...

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MJFSOL;Even though I don't have XP I've made some posts about scannow you could search for here at testmy.They have some MS links.It might not be the best.Is there a way for you to extract explorer.exe from your disk & copy it to your Windows folder?

You might see if you can get into safe mode.If you can search to see if you have an i386 folder .If you do it might have explorer.exe that in a cab file that you can extract to Windows folder.

I have ME & can go to DOS to do this but Xp doesn't really have DOS.

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went and did a reinstall....hell it runs faster and the connection speeds are faster.....lol

and no i tried that cholla....nothing....i think i tinkered too much in the registry for my own good...but thats the only way you learn...trial and error....

in my case...lots and lots of errors... :2funny:

anyway im back up again...resetting certain things .... and leaving others the hell alone... :icon_rr:

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