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hey all

please correct me if i'm wrong but does winzip or winrar make a file smaller through compressing it.

so for e.g. if i have a 2GB file and i compress it with winzip - will that file become something like 1GB?

I want to know this becouse i am planning to REBOOT my PC and i have quite a bit of stuff on it that i would like to keep - so i want to put these files onto my EX.hardrive. so i thought making them smaller and placing them onto ex.hardrive would help.

My hardrive hasen't got much space in it so and there are loads of files i want to keep.

Please help


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Guest kamil234

yes winrar does make the files smaller, make sure you choose "best" compression to get the smallest file size...

as for storing it temporarly to move, you could burn it to DVD's (if you have a dvd burner)

or make a partition on your friends HDD and move the files there than transfer than back after you're done and delete the partition you created  :smiley6600:

also, the compression rate depends what type of files you're compressing

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so which one is best to use winrar or winzip or are they both the same.

Also i'd be grateful if some1 could give me instructions on compressing these files please.

Thanks  :grin2:

No one is best, they both work in about the same way, zip files are more common because it is built into every OS. I  always use .zip for the main reason that no one has to download a app if they don't already have it.

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