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Windows Vista

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I was wondering if anyone is getting Vista when it leaks out to the internet after it gets RTM?  I will be trying to get it...

I dont think anyone is going to release a RTM to the public. If it is going to happen it will happen when large business get it in late December early January.

If this is going to happen it will happen sometime this week because the dedline for RTM is November 7th,

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yeah well i have the RC's and i like it better than XP just because its more eyecandy, nothing really changed otherwise that you will accually notice.

its alot more then just eyecandy. There would have been a ton more if they didnt have to rebuilt it 2 years ago. The thing that has the biggest change is the security and i hope they got it right.

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I'm with you!  I love XP.  No improvements are needed as far as I'm concerned.  It's the most stable product M$ has ever put out.  :icon_thumleft:

there are alot of improvements needed.

Very true about the security aspect.  Let's just all go to Linux and forget Windows  :evil6:

na forget linux, suse was the only good one, and now Microsoft has there hand in that. Lets all go OSX.

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Now you're talking!  Mac's ROCK!!!  I'd love to get my hands back on one.  Haven't been able to since System 7 and I've heard they're sweet.

I stayed away from macs because the power pc processors were always so slow. But since they put a Intel processor in it, ive switched. the only time i use windows is at work because i have to for the programs i use.

If you put Vista Next to OSX tiger and leopard its almost a side by side copy the only thing really different is the start menu.

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newegg.com right now has a program if you order windows xp right now (buy it i mean), when vista comes out, for like 20 or 40 dollars extra you get the upgrade to it...

i thought id let you all know - i think its a decent deal

I saw that yesterday.. is it a free upgrade or additional $$


looks like it is an even swap +s&h for a windows xp pro to vista business.. Looks like a pretty solid deal if you are in need of an OS..  Sure beats paying $400

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I read the reviews on myegg.com and it doesn't sound like that great of deal after all and that's according to Microsoft.  These problems include issues with installation as well as being limited to a single installation on one box.  I thought there might be a catch.  One thing that needs to be considered is that this could be a true upgrade from XP versus a full-blown, wipe-it-clean installation.  It's been my experience that these upgrades just don't do a great job.  If this is the case, you'll have many more problems down the road as a result of the upgrade.  It's better just to blow the machine away and start from scratch.

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