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Post ur Mug & Come see all the friendly people at tmn...and post your mug...


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Well welcome. We all posted little crappy pictures here too till we realized everyone here is equally ugly... Except me.. Im hot.  :haha: Glad to have you.

:2funny:  not wot I heard , and I got it straight from the horse ass  mouth

Ok , good to see some pics comming up , (at last )  :smitten:

How about this one for all the fanboys of shock and horror

It's title "the 4 loves of my life" is the clue " , up to you to work out the 4

so who is it  :haha:  ..........NO, it ain't one of the Nolan sisters  , youll get a - Karma ? thingy for that  :roll:

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Cars,Motorcycles,Computers and last but not least Women!

Sorry Bro, you only got 3/4,  minus karma points I guess  :evil6:

computers never were , they are just a tool , " it's me Rugby sweat top ",

and at the moment women are fast slipping of the list  :tickedoff: ,

The picture was inspired while clearing out a wardrobe , I had to blow the dust of motor cycle helmet  :sad3:  , this year soon as the snow clears ..........maybe  :smile2:

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          Secrets to a long life

Expensive: Liquor, cigars

Fast: Planes, Boats, Cars, Motorcycles, and CPUs

Slow: Women and love making

Never: Ignoring the other 3 secrets 

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Can we say Narcissistic Personality Disorder!

You sure can Bro , it may have been my original quote from way back , now I prefere Tdawnaz's quote

can we say beautiful acceptance awareness and truth nerd_smiley.gif ,

I lost the NP Disorder , a couple of months back , I got hit in the teeth wthl a glider wingtip ,aperantly it gives my mouth character so I have been told , meanwhile my dentist is looking into it geek.gif ,


well no matter ,I grew up thinking I was the original ugly kid joe , but then that never stopped me ( wink ) and it still don't , but I will admit the love bites are looking odd these days evil6.gif

BTW, has the unable to upload pictures problem feature been solved ?

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