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Post ur Mug & Come see all the friendly people at tmn...and post your mug...


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Dang dude , naru , it's nice of you to drop by. I see you've been very busy working on that outward appearance, nice :)

hey you...seems you are the only one that never posts it up...why you so shy huny bumpkin???...hidin from the feds?? bahhahhahaha

i seen a pic of you once...post it up

naru...that's the funniest costume ever

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Hey, Tdawn you being unfaithfull again ?, I am a least 2 inches bigger taller than Bro Conuck :D

BTW, nice pic Conuck , good to see folk partying and smiling , I will post a pic of me and grandson James ( the rock musician )

he is now as tall, as me @74 inch , I can't believe I held him in my arms, and pointed out the named stars a while back ,

Utah , means only one thing to this Brit , "salt flats", given a free ticket and shipping , I would set up my 76 Citroen

(37 cubic inch) best yet 92 MPH , to run the 100 MPH,

BTW ,Without nitro , injection , or Turbo ,


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Conuck , the dude . Pony tail ? I now have a rats tail .another month or so , My G/F is going to tie it with a black bow ,

what I always wanted for 40 years , but was not acceptable in business , the things we have to do to earn a $ ,

a bit O/T but how I feel today

well Autumn is here again ( Fall USA ? )

I have been busy winterizing the house ,garden and workshop ,

-4 F is forecast this winter,

I never added Central heating in this house . but I got the offer from my neighbour Sharon to share her C/H heating if it gets that cold .

she is the local angel . helps all in need, best neibour a guy could have, to be honest I would have been back on the road years ago, without her calming influance, ( and odd for me not in a sexual way )just one hell of a good woman that cares,

anyway My Picture , the bull is me ! , I think the weight is about the same ,

the mist and river is as it is today

up on the hill UK .


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