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Who is voting?


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ya he promised to lower homeowners taxes(which are insane) and Homeowners insurance.  but i hope he does everything he promises

now how does the politician lower insurance premiums...directly enough to make that a campaign promise...hmmm...i don't think so  :buck2:

:angry: i personally dont want to vote  :cheesy:

i couldnt care less

u don't know it yet...but yes u do...u care alot...

wahoo! democrats win house and senate!! maybe things will get better

i'm with ya there...woohoo...let's give it a go  :grin2:

Wishful thinking but i hope so.

wait...thought u said u "couldn't care less"???...see told ya  :grin2: i'm glad

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and i too say...if ya don't vote...then u have no place bitching at all

I have to agree with George Carlin here and (really hate to do this) disagree with you. If you vote, you have no right to bitch. You elected the assholes, it's your fault. I didn't vote, I didn't want them so I CAN bitch about them.  :evil6:  :evil6:  :evil6:

Not aimed at anyone in particular, just a general "you".  :wink2:

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nope...if u didn't vote then u chose for ur voice to not be heard...

no two ways about it...just cuz u don't like the candidates...there's alot more to voting...there is alot more to vote on then the major candidates...so yeh...didn't vote???...then u gagged urself...and said loud and clear that u have no opinion and if u do have a smidgen of an opinion, u feel that it's not worthy of voicing...okay that's a bit strong...but u know what i'm saying...

by the time tuesday came, i was completely sick of hearing from all the candidates here in az, i didn't want to hear any more...but there were some major issues that i had studied up on that i wanted to have my say about...and i turned the damned tv off and studied up on the candidates and made the best choice  i felt i could based on what i found in my quest (and it was a quest)...saying..."i'm not gonna vote cuz i don't like any of them"...is just a copout and laziness

k...so u don't like the service u got at the restaurant...if u leave no tip at all the server just thinks u forgot...if u hand him/her a dime and thank them for the service that u got and tell them this is what it was worth...then they know that they sucked...no question about it...and they'll try to do better

get it?

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