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Geforce G80 GPU's OUT!

Guest kamil234

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tbh if ur getting one of these for dx 10 support i would wait, as there are no games and wont be for months that will support dx 10. Wait for the prices to come down, or wait for ATI to release their new dx10 card.

actually DX10 games will be coming out very soon, Microsoft is going to release there DX10 update for Flight SIM X in about 2 weeks. It took Less then a month for DX9 to be every were.

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or wait for ATI to release their new dx10 card.

No. Why would you want to wait until ATI releases their version? Once again, they are behind. It took them forever to come out with a dx9.0c chip remember? By the time they come out with a dx10 version itl be xmas 07 (exagerating of course). In my opinion, the main reason the prices of the cards come down in time is because yields get better and demand increases. Not because of competition from ATI. Go nVidia!  :headbang:

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