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exploru    The Athlon XP-M 2800 is a mobile chip is this cpu in a notebook or a desktop? I would not recommmend overclocking a notebook because the cooling system can not get rid of the extra heat in most notebooks. If it is a desktop I would do what TimPawlak recommend first,also look into getting more ram.

Ram is one of the best  ways to get more speed out of computer for the money.

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we cannot really tell you which multiplier to use to make your cpu go faster....that is something you will have to discover on your own - chances are even a single increase in a multiplier will not allow your computer to boot up without doing other changes....

multipliers should really not be touched that often...it is the frequency that should be tuned....

the reason why is because lets say your frequency is 200mhz - and your multiplier is 10 - in this case you are running 2ghz as the speed for your processor.  A single increase in multiplier (if we are doing only whole numbers) will bring you up to 11*200 = 2.2ghz.....that CAN, but might not, affect your stability....

Most CPU's run the highest multiplier available to being with - so an option to increase the multiplier is non existent - fsb (frequency) is your friend !

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