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palm 700w / palm 700wx revisited weeks later


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Some of you may remember me talking about a palm 700wx I got --- I highly recommended it... and it was way too soon, now I'll revisit that review ;-)

original post is at >> http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-16781

This is an update to this thread.  In the long run I DO NOT reccomend this phone.  I had nothing but issues with it.  It was AWESOME the first few days and then it was all down hill from there.  Aside from being a brick in my pocket (which would have been fine if it was working... but since it was dead most of the time it was litterally a brick) it was mad buggy.  Programs would freeze all the time.  Now, you would think that any electronic tool would have a power key, especially one that needs force reboots as much as this BRICK but nooooo there is something that appears to be a power key but all it does is turn off the phone function... there is NO WAY to completely power this thing down unless you take out the battery.... which I had to do many times a day.  The best way I could describe the feel of the phone is "a PDA with phone emulation...".  Almost all phones have a nice hardware feel to their operation but the palm 700w/700wx feels very, very software (trust me, I'm making sense if you're following). 

Their were many cool features that this phone had but in the end it wasn't worth it.  Especially since I couldn't hardly get incoming calls by the time I returned it.  I ended up toughing it out till the day the new Samsung M500 came out and I haven't looked back.  The Samsung M500 not only is less than 1/2 the weight (2.6oz vs 6oz) but it actually works too (lol).  The Samesung M500 is a seriously awesome phone where they packed a massive amount of features into THE smallest EV-DO phone I've ever seen.... and I've had it for a while now with ZERO problems so I can safely recommend it without coming back a few weeks later to say oops ;-)  -- So I went from the biggest phone to the smallest phone and am now just using the phone as a modem for my laptop, bluetooth is awesome... just leave the phone in your pocket and go-to-town.

SO... IMO Smartphones STILL have a ways to go before they will win my pocket as a home.  They are still just PDAs with phone software and are totally buggy pieces of shit.  Get the M500, it's so light that you'll think that the battery is missing... it makes the KRZR look like one of the phones from 90210 ;-)


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No you did NOT photoshop your avatar into that phone.  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:


oh, also here are the test results from the Samsung M500 when connected to my laptop... in the same area where I took the Palm Treo 700wx tests...

so far this is my best score


and here is the average


I still haven't found a reeeeally good EV-DO area, I guess the really good areas are still patchy but if I get 300K+ everywhere I'll be happy enough.. at least it will give my laptop coverage when I can't find a wireless network to get on and that's all that matters... at that speed I can still get things taken care of and that's all that really matters.

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That is really interesting... I had heard that the 700 was plagued by problems when it was first release with windows mobile on it..  But I thought by now they would have had most of the problems worked out.  I would be interested to see what you would have thought about it..  I would also be interested to see what people thing of the Motorola Q..  I would think that it is more based around a phone than a PDA..

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Amen.. I had an LG for a while before it lost its mind and wouldnt work anymore  :cry:  I would love to get another LG but I cant get a new phone till the end of December

:cry: :cry: That sucks bro, I always looked at lg's and never purchased one until I read a review ( I think on cnet) and I was impressed. The review said LG phones was built better and had MUCH better software than any of the competitors and it pointed out they are usually priced much better. I love my LG. I wanted to buy a LG tv when I purchased my new tv but the LG tv's got bad reviews So I got a 60 inch Sony WEGA SXRD. I LOVE IT.
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