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Help - Run Command - Windows XP


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My Issue is like this ---

At my home computer, I can open RUN command box and enter "Desktop" and it brings up my Desktop Folder.


When at my office computer, I try the samething, I get error "Windows cannot find 'desktop'. Make sure you typed the name co......."


It's not a very useful thing but I am just stuck on it ... can someone plzzz help...


system and update are exactly the same in both computers.


Let me know if you need any more system info.

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The best candidates for the Run line are applications that are in the "path" environment.  The path environment is a set of folders whose names do not have to be included when entering a command. The path environment variable normally includes Windows and Windowssystem32.

Not only files but also folders can be opened in the Run line. Folders contained by a folder in the path are in this category. Examples are folders within Windows and Windowssystem32 such as the folders Fonts and "Drivers". Folders that are in Documents and Settings{Current User} can also be opened in Run.

If there is a 'Desktop' folder in your username tree at work, security settings are probably set tight enough to restrict acess to the 'Run' command tool.

Hope this helps-


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