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Personal settings GONE


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Has anyone heard of this ever?

I went to log into my office PC and ALL my personal settings were GONE.  Another account I have on the computer is fine, but my account is basically like a fresh install.  All the way down to the media player options have been reset.  It's very wierd and really lame, luckily I store all my (my documents) files on a fileserver that is shared between all my computers and none of that was lost.  I didn't even notice the problem until I went to login via remote desktop, I thought at first that the remote desktop was just showing me a messed up desktop and I thought that when I went to login in person it would be fine... well, I logged into the computer in person and yep, it was all gone.

I'm not even going to mess with it at all, I figure Vista is out really soon so I'll just install Vista and forget about it... but has anyone else had this happen or have you heard about it happening.  :shocked:

AWWWWW MAN, is Vista really coming out on January 30th 2007?  Lame, I was hoping it would come out for Christmas this year... stupid ass Microsoft, lol.  :grin:

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Yeah if they had been quick enough, they could have gotten some extra money like the PS3's are bringing.  :lol:

But it will still all be good in the end.

Sorry to hear the dilemma. Glad it was not real important.  :angel:

Hope we find out what might have happened. And I hope I never have it happen to me. *crosses fingers, toes, legs, and arms*  :evil6:

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what's funny is a couple of days after I posted that.. it all magically went back to normal.  After about 5 reboots it just went back to normal one day.  Oh well, I guess I'll never know why it happened :-P

I can't wait for vista! :)

Its a registry thing, it went to a backup of the registry, it just happen to take a few reboots to reaslize that there is a backup there.

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