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Meal OR No Meal!!!!!!!????


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Yeah, kinda hard to beat cigarette butts.  :tongue2: I think it might also be hard to beat the Erect Strawberry Cake also.  :tickedoff: I think that is the highest.  :grin2:

lol yeah. i got lucky....after i snapped that screenshot i started another game and if i hadnt taken the "meal" that the chef offered i would have gotten it again...instead i got peaches for like 200,000 or something :uglystupid2:

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Does anyone listen to the Lex and Terry radio show?

They have a "meal or no meal" game where they actually take a homeless person off the street, and they play a trivia game and they have the potential of getting things like a half eaten gummy bear, or a one night stay in a luxury hotel, with free room service and the works!  It's actually quite funny, and done in good taste. 

I think they end up giving the contestant the whole prize anyway off the air.

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