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What is the best free Optimizing program?


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Somethings are dead on what to do [never use regular cheap Norton, McAfee, or AOL] But most things have exceptions. I hear a lot about Maxthon, might try it some day. I did try IE7 and it did slow operations a bit, not the speed but the way I do things out of habit. Finally decided it was not worth the change.  :smiley:

Tabs, is that like IE7's tab browsing??

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hi I am on a adsl and up to 8 meg broadband. but like i said before i can only get up to five or six.  it must be how far i am away from the exchange.  before i used drtcp I was only getting 1.5 and up to 2 meg . but after the tweaking suggestions it made a big improvement.

your not going to see the 8MB i would think you should be able to get faster then 5 or 6. have you tried tweaking with anything else other then drtcp.

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