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Galaxy 3C (G3C) has been modified for corrections

The Reverend

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My speeds on G3C 1420 were in the 1000-1100 range last night.  Tonight, when I got home, they were in the 600-700 range.

OK, no problem, congestion.  At 10PM EST, speeds were 100-200, not acceptible, so I call Dway again.

After about 1 hour on the phone, I working with advanced support (and speeds are now down to about 30-60).  He has me reboot my system in Safe-mode (with networking).  Same results.  Asks me to hold.  After about 10 minutes, I'm disconnected.

So I call back.  Now I'm told that advanced support is closed, and if my call was on hold at the time that they close, that's probably why I was disconnected.  I demand a supervisor.  I've been listening to ringing for about 15 minutes at this time (11:47PM Est)

I'm stuborn, so I'm hanging up, and trying again....

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They appologized for sending me to never-never land, and connected me to a supervisor.  He apoligized also, and said he would make a change, watch the light on the modem.  Now my speeds are from 500-800Kbps.  Not like the 1100 last night, but better.

They still won't admit that there is a problem with G3C 1420.

He did say that they will have advanced support call me tomorrow night at 7PM.  We'll see what happens from that....

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