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Let's clean up our message boards


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I just hate being self centered and male chauvenistic about things.

[At least I hate getting caught]  :evil6:


So you don't really think it would make any difference having a sticky on female thoughts in the "Got any ideas to make testmy.net better?" then tdawnaz?

nah...that's fine with me if u wanna start a girls thread...find out what the girls think...

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(hey fallow.. the attachment you had on the first post of this topic is gone.. I had some problems with the attachements and had to resort to a backup... it was a few days old so this was lost.. sorry, you may want to re attach this)


It's alright, I don't think it's necessary...I think we all understand that we have a certain level of public image to maintain.  Off-topic and a little abstract, yes we tend to be at times, but we are a help forum first and foremost, and we would not want to scare off anybody looking for our help.

my persoanl fav derivative is rotflmbfhao.

rolling on the floor laughing my big fat humble ass off?

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