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Why Music Gives People the "Chills"


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You guys know me and how much I am into music but check these two links out!


Why Music Gives Us the Chills

By Corey Binns

Special to LiveScience

posted: 20 November 2006

02:30 pm ET

For a willing music audience, the art of drawing emotion from notes is classic.

Composers play with subtle, intricate changes and rates of change to try and elicit emotion. In recent studies, scientists found that people already familiar with the music are more likely to catch a chill at key moments:

When a symphony turns from loud to quiet

Upon entry of a solo voice or instrument

When two singers have contrasting voices

People covered in goose bumps also tend to be driven more by rewards, and less inclined to be thrill- and adventure-seekers, according to research conducted at the Institute for Music Physiology and Musicians

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I get chills during some gospel or patriotic songs. I even cry during a few.  :oops:

Danged it, I think I just agreed with Sparticus.  :tickedoff: or  :smitten: Not sure which right now. I will get to you.  :wink2:

Patriotic songs send a chill down my back also. Especially when the national anthem is sung before a baseball game!

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