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Deffinatly.......need some advice.


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Heres the story guys...  :confused1:

Iv been saving up for friggin forever for a new computer [ as many of you know] .

But recently, iv been 'wheelin and dealin' online, for a new body for my car . My

car was once nice, but i have been rearended 3 times, once putting me into the back

of another car.. thus making the whole car look like crap.

I made the decision of just buying the new body for my car , and getting the computer later.  ( my mom said she was going to get it for me since shes gettin her tax return soon... i realy didnt wanna go this route, but meh :s... im almost broke.. :( )

All was well till today, in the mail i got an envelope from a very close online friend. Inside was a check with a sum of money addressed to " Help you along with your computer fund."  I was/am very moved by this.

This is where the hard part comes in.  :oops: 

Should i get the computer now that iv saved forever...and now that i got this amazing gift from an online friend... or get my new car body ( which is hard to find for an older vehicle ) ? If i dont grab the body now, i may not have an easy chance later....  lol

:lol:  i know this is dumb, but i cant make up my mind :o

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:) No  .s1 its not dumb, its things that we all think about  a lot of the time, ya did the right thing by asking other ppls opinion. Most all decisions I make I run it by ppl to see if maybe I'm missing something, then I evaluate all the info and make a decision, only thing I try to keep in mind is to not regret the decision once I make it, ya know I try not to second guess my self, I vote with VanBuren go for the car deal, computer deals will keep on coming and a car for most ppl is more of a necessity... (LOL not for us though) either way you will have something you need and want, the neat thing is ya got ppl that care and were willing to help you, thats a cool thing in life.... I know you'll do whats right and best 4u and thats whats important....good luck....and OBTW b4 you copyright or  patent that Satellite protection skull cap can I have a copy of the specs? It looks like it would be very effective.....LOL  :-P

8) Microwave

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Guest helloimtim

I would suggest this. Return or tear up the check. Send that person a nice letter or call if you can tell them how much you appreciate the offer. You just cant and wont take the money. Personally I think taking money from a friend even though the friend had the best of intentions it could bite you in the butt. This keeps you from feeling any obligation money or otherwise because of the gift. Get your car body. Fix your car and drive down to see your friend. Sooner or later if you did take the money it will bug ya. Just my 2 cents.........

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