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Upgrading to 3GHz 478


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Yeah i might not be getting a new computer so i decided to invest about $75 into a new processor for my computer i currently have:


256MB ati 9550

2.4GHz pentium 4

I know it wont be a major performance increase (or will it) but i want to be able to convert video files a little bit faster. can anyone give me an estimate on how much faster files will convert. or is it proportional to 2.4GHz/3GHz (sorry I'm a noob).

But my main question is how hard will this be doing on a premade hp pavillion. Is there any settings i will have to change in my bios? I did my own video card and ram upgrade and just trying to learn a little. The expert at anything was once a beginner.....

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I have seen some PCMark2002 benchmarks that show the 2.4 at 5941 and the 3.0 at 7479..

I will keep looking for the content creation benchmarks..  Intel is known for it fast content creation times.. but no one seems to care anymore.. :roll:



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Going from 2.4GHz to 3.0GHz will not be a huge improvement.  If your upgrading to a processor that has hyperthreading (I think im using the right term) or other technologocial :cheesy: advancments.  Then it will be noticable.  A faster CPU even with the same video card should be a improvement.

Concerning memory,

Do some tests of your own to see what your programs use memory wise.  Maybe half gig memory for internet, 1Gig for games, 2 Gig for video editing, I dont know what you use your computer for.

PS. side note - my 3.0GHz's temp prompted me to get a case fan

and 2.4 with a 25% improvment = 3.00

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This first link did a encoding test of a 436 MB video file from 720x480 pixels to 320x240 pixels @ 30 fps & 282Kbps.



Just try the links, theres more info then I dare to type.

how hard will this be doing on a premade hp pavillion

Some companies intendionaly make it difficult for you, by using non standard screw spacings or using a uniquely shaped power connector  :undecided:

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