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Buzz Telecom - Be Aware!


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I was reading a local news story about some phony bills from an actual long distance re-seller.

After reading the story, I Googled Buzz Telecom (here) and found pretty much only negative info about the company.

They are a true re-seller, but have been banned in a few states for deceptive practices.

Also is fishy that I could not find a direct web site operated by the company.

So I just wanted anyone here to be aware if they try to sell you over, I would just say NO.

OMAHA, Neb. -- A Nebraska Public Service Commissioner wants some answers from a long distance carrier after an I-team investigation.

At least three different families across the state received these phone bills from Buzz Telecom. They look official, they have the company's logo, address and phone number on them.

Public Service Commissioner Anne Boyle told KETV Newswatch 7 the bills are for the same time period, for approximately the same amount and all dated for November 17.

What's missing is the recipient's phone number.

"It's not far stretched to think this is illegal or improper and that we will put an end to it very quickly," said Boyle.

The commissioner's deputies have sent Buzz Telecom a letter asking the company to respond to the complaints immediately.

The I-team has learned Buzz Telecom has a history of complaints.

North Carolina's Attorney General sued the company in August for deceptive practices. In October, Public Service Commissions in Ohio and Maine said the company couldn't operate there anymore.

Buzz Telecom isn't doing business in Montana either after complaints from consumers.

KETV tried calling Buzz Telecom, but got a busy signal for 4 hours.

Source: http://www.ketv.com/news/10501231/detail.html

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