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Wild Blue and GoDaddy hosted sites

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I really enjoyed looking at some of the beautiful instruments on your site

http://wellsguitars.com/ I started with the mahogany strat that Sparticus linked to. I'm really too old to use the word 'awesome' a lot...but it and the whole site is just that. I'll be happy to hear/read when you've got Wild Blue's toes to the fire and get some results.  :police::smiley6600:

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I don't believe it is the third parties job here. Definately WB's.

A quick a dumb question. Do you know if it is properly grounded? And have you tried restarting you modem?

And the speeds are crazy back and forth no matter what different times of day?

Have you read this?


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yeah its clear tonight besides according to their homepage that shouldnt matter lol and i look at the sat the other day nothing looked wrong anyway.  im just hoping it was hooked up right since the guys that came to hook it up seemed clueless. no need to blush either trust me i have no idea about this kind of stuff

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Yep, that is my number one fix it link. And I do it daily, and have a lot less problems. I just wish I had written it myself.   :azn:

2 years? That is just yucky icing on the cake here I guess.  :tongue2: That is starting to sound really bad for them. And they started out so well.

Your not using Norton AV are you?

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That is one of the things I leave out of my reformat. I prefer e-mail.

Try cleaning out temp files and restart the modem. Did you reboot after turningit off?

Sometimes it takes me a while to figure it out on my own sometimes. Just have to keep pluggin.  :wink2: And 2 heads are better than one.

Mine is usually about 50 kbps too. That is normal for me.

Also try testing U/L with the 579 speed test file. Not the smart one. And for the D/L try the 2992 file test. They work much better. The smart does not work as well for me.

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