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Wild Blue and GoDaddy hosted sites


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Well that ( book computers for dummies ) is here. I figured if I was going to have to help my own daughters. I was going to have to figure this danged thing out. Besides frying out one copmputer. I could have saved it if I had known what I know now. And so far I am a cuple of steps aheadof them by staying on here a bunch. I almost choked down a comp class, but since I stared here. There is no reason to anymore. All I wanted to know was right here. And once I started helpingothers with what I had learned, I started learning a lot faster. So yeah, it is a pretty cool site.

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Ah yes tommie...The 'steep learning curve' of early-times computing-at-home. Yipes!!! I also 'toasted' my first home 'puter. Such that well, it wouldn't ever acknowledge that it even HAD a C: drive anymore. Hahaha. It was used, and of 'tiny mind' but still, wah!! So, next day I was at the computer store with my shopping cart. That was over 7 years ago. I still can't decide if these are worth the work to keep 'em running smoothly...since that's about all we do. Hahaha.

danyell, I can relate. My 3 year old grandson introduced me to PC's: "No Grammy, that never works!" "Look Grammy! (kaboom, etc. as he played with his CD games behind me). What little human these days *doesn't* instantly go for 'buttons' and 'knobs' on all electronic gear and know how to work stuff sooner than we do? It's kind of...coded somewhere  :buck2:in the genes I think, eh? :undecided:

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Mine was crap full of spyware. It would not sit still for 10 seconds. And the (so I was told) brother in law with computer knowledge, said it could not be fixed. He also offered me $45. I think I might have been scammed.  :whaa: What do you think. Water under the bridge now. My kids have one faster than that old thing anyway. I think it was a Pentium 2 * 20 gig * HD. No biggie now though.  :evil6:

By the way, my only protection was  :icon_shaking: Norton.  :2funny::haha::2funny:  Kinda like a rubber with a hole in it.  :shock:

Told you I was a ditz.  :uglystupid2:

Boy have I learned a lot on here.  :read:

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Ya know, sometimes my short-term memory fails me, like...I figure out how to 'fix' something but then later forget what I figured out, even though I got it 'fixed'...not that I *need* it by then...but it bugs me. What that has to do with the price of flour at this juncture? :undecided:

I'm not sure, what's the topic in this thread? Hmmm...

Oh Yeah...presently: older and/or formerly busted computers. But it was the mention of 'Norton' that got me remembering. NO, I've never fallen for it...but sit at many computers that have it. I tell the owners as gently as possible: "You know some of us consider *Norton* itself to BE a virus :smile2:

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