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My Smart Bro (Wi-fi) internet connection speed


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Hey Guys.. Just want to ask some help..

I've finally came up with a conclusion based on my observation on my bandwidth...

When I download files for example, at ranonline.com.ph i can get high speeds because i download the file "Locally"= means within the Philippines, i can download at a speed of 45 kB/s...

But when on International Sites like download.com, i can only download at 20kB/s...

My conclusion is, i'm having problem when downloading files and browsing sites internationally...

and maybe, that's the reason why im getting 360+ Kbps in PLDTplay.com and 2wire.com while on testmy.net and speedtest.net, which are international bandwidth test sites is only a frustrating 170 Kbps and still fluctuating...

What do you think guys? What steps should i take? Im only using windows firewall and i also tried disabling it but when i did that, there's a very wild fluctuation in my speed like, getting to 90 kB/s download speed and so...

What's Happening?!?!? Help Guys!!

Tnx!  smitten

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the connection is like throwing a golf ball and it bounces off somewhere else before you reach at what you aim at. try using a traceroute and see where it goes first before reaching a destination you chose. different isp's has different ways to get you there fast and others it takes them slow. to sum it all it has to be on the isp's end and the link between the subscriber. poor system means slow speed.

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<a href="http://www.speedtest.net"><img src="http://www.speedtest.net/result/155904530.png"></a>

so how how about this? sorry, im noob to this kinds of stuff..

Try reading through this thread from page one and see if you can increase your internet speeds. You will learn a lot here. (changing canopy settings, Cablenut, TCP Optimizer, etc).  :smiley:

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Check it with the Quezon City server to be more precise.. I think Testmy also provides accurate speeds. Thats also pretty good but I think you can tweak it to reach better speeds.. Try using Cablenut or TCP Optimizer and maybe you can see positive changes..  :smiley:

if your using smart bro and check your Download and Upload speed in Quezon City for me it is not accurate.. promise  :grin2:

and ok. i'll try testmynet........ and here's the result.


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